The Spa Rockô

The Spa Rock is an innovative product that improves everything about the hot stone massage experience.

The Spa Rock works much the same as the river rocks currently being utilized in the industry, but with vast improvements. The Spa Rock is electrically heated on one side, leaving the side that the therapist handles cool. The Spa Rock also eliminates the need to pause during the massage to obtain new hot stones. The Spa Rock lasts approximately seven hours on one charge.

The Spa Rock is easily cleaned with soap and water, eliminating cross-contamination. The Spa Rock has the appearance and weight of a river rock currently used in the industry.

Each Spa Rock order comes with a set of two Spa Rocks and one recharging Pad. Click here to read more info about The Spa Rockô and its many benefits!

The Spa Rockô price at $399 per set.

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